Mini Talon, pt. 0

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Mini Talon, my first FPV plane.

Through this summer I have been slowly building a mini talon FPV plane. This was my first fixed wing fpv aircraft and I have been building it super slowly. Actually the first flight of the frame was in summer 2017, but without any flight control or fpv equipment.

This summer I decided to finish it!

After getting all the parts I just had to do a lot of wiring and studied how iNav works. Building was pretty straight forward overall. This was much more pleasing to build than a quadcopter with super tight spaces. There’s so much room for activities!

Pictures sorted by things.

Flight controller

Matek F405-Wing, great fc even though I had some issues, first one came DOA and delayed the project some time, but the customer service from Bangaarni was very nice and agreed to send me a new one.


GPS Unit is Beitian BN-880, it’s one of their bigger models but the frame happened to have perfect hole for it.


RunCam Split 2

Pan mechanism

Someone told me to make 3d-printed pan mechanism like this for the camera. I’m not sure if I really like it and may get rid of it soon.

Pan mechanism files on thingiverse.

Video transmitter

DYS Mi200mw, same one I use in my quads. Works okay, subject to be swapped out for a little better one.

Assembly pictures

Very first FPV flight


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