UDP Server and Client written in C#

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My first public github project.

A simple pair of windows forms applications to use as a starting point.
Made using visual studio 2022 and C#.

“As I was looking for a simple UDP server and client pair to use as a basis for a personal project of mine I couldn’t find any so I made my own, to use as a starting point. I wanted this to be a very very simple platform and easy to modify or build upon.”

Born from need I hope this project finds others too who are new to similar things and might benefit from a such example. I plan to use this as a starting point to build more complex chains of small clients and servers and pass increasingly complex packed data from multiple users to multiple endpoints via the server. So in the end what I plan to use this for is more like a client-server-client kinda configuration.

On github I want to keep this project very simple and I might improve it over time as I build other projects on it but I won’t make it too complicated.

This being written in C# I think I should add some snippets to the corresponding page here too…


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