It’s quiet here

(Happy leap day)

I know it has been really quiet here for a while but that only means I have been really busy lately.

I have built many things I have not posted about and I have been planning even more things. Some projects take too ong to finish while others never seem to get going. All of them will be done eventually in one form or another.

Generally I have been busy at work and daylight has been so low that I haven’t gotten much done outside working hours. I have actually done more than I have published here or on my other social media channels which really sucks, “Making science isn’t any good if you don’t release it”. Can’t remember who said that. Someone did.

On the other hand since late Jan there has also been this whole COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic which seems to turn into pandemic that has really slowed down a lot of things. Especially considering mailing good from China. I hope this situation gets sorted out soon enough as it’s starting to affect people everyday lives globally.

I try to write more soon. I should probably write short posts more often, rather than longer ones rarely.


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