A dedicated page for a collection of media of my rocketry hobby.

I like crafting of these small rockets and flying them is fun.

4. 23cm pocket rocket

A very small rocket I built to fly something fun with A-class motors I had a bunch.

  • Length: 23cm
  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Materials: Cardboard and PLA
  • Motors: Klima A

2. & 3. Orange twins

I made two of these, identical orange rockets with 3D-printed nose cones, fins and centering rings.

These are flown with Klima B and C motors.

1. Duct tape tube

The first rocket I built in a long time, made from two paper towel rolls and plywood fins. I didn’t have time to paint this one so I opted for a faster variant.

Flies with Klima B and C motors.

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