Magicmaker Sluban 3D-printer

After moving into a new apartment I had a real need for a smaller 3D-printer as I don’t really have room for my bigger printer right now. After searcing around for a while I found this printer from AliExpress that meets all my requirements:

  • It has a very small footprint, about the size of a coffee machine
  • It holds the spool on itself so that won’t take extra space
  • 12V power supply included as a brick
  • Made from pretty standard parts so easy to mod if I want to
  • Print area of 120x120x160mm is big enough for most stuff I do
  • It’s very clean looking package

The finished printer:

Build timelapse video:

I shot the full build process as a top-down video and made it into a timelapse.

Build pictures:

A collection of pictures I took while building this printer, I tried to document as many details as I could that I thought were interesting.

Custom things I’ve added:

I have made two modifications to this printer. Firstly I added a new bed made from springsteel that has a PEI coating. I had one of these for my bigger printer and it’s just better than anything else I have tried as a printing surface. Second thing I did I swapped the blower style fan from the hotend into a noctua 40mm fan as that blower fan was stupid loud and I wanted this printer to be as quiet as possible. I also designed a mount for this new fan.

Both of these were just drop in replacement upgrades and I think they were 100% worth it.

Here’s links to both of these parts:


If you’re looking for a small printer I think this is a fairly good option as one. The kit with everything you need to assemble the machine and also included many extra parts like two different power heating elements. I am very satisfied with it.


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  1. Dear Anders, thanks for your great documentation. There is not much information on this specific printer out there, so your pictures and the video where a big additional help.
    I just finished my build yesterday, unfortunately they send me one with a chinese language file in firmware, so i can’t operate it via the display. I tried to connect via USB and RepetierHost, but somehow that doesn’t work as well. Als the provided Pre configured Marlin Firmware cant be opened with Arduino IDE, so reflashing is not possible. This is my third printer, so i actually didn’t think to run into, such problems.
    Any suggestions?
    But overall actually a nice printer, building was fun, parts a really accurate.
    Greetings from Germany, Jeremy

    • Hi! Great to hear my documentation has been useful!
      I believe I might have been the second (or first) person ever to buy this printer, according to AliExpress sold numbers.
      I think mine came pre-intalled with english so I didn’t have to solve that language problem myself. But what I do know is that I also had problems connecting the printer with RepetierHost, in my case the problem was with my pc however and re-installing windows solved it after all driver updates I had done. Try another pc, if you can, to see if that solves anything for you.

      Sorry for my inactivity on my own site, hope you have solved these problems already by now 🙂

  2. Hello Anders,

    I got the MagicMaker Sluban 3D Printer, I have problems updating the firmware and the language. Currently is in Chinese language, I wasn’t sure how to change it. Do you have a firmware that I can overwrite?

    I am also currently Modifying the Motherboard and Display casing into one because I am installing TL-Smoother which the current casing couldn’t fit in.

    Thank you


    Rudyn Ghazali

    • Hi, if I recall correctly my printer came with English language as default so I didn’t have to solve this problem myself, I don’t think I did much anything to the firmware.
      Interesting idea about modifying the cases though, please post it somewhere when you get it done 🙂

  3. Thank you for your information . I was wondering if you or anyone has bee able to communicate with Magicmaker about this printer? Is there a customer Service? I see that my screw size comparison sheet states to contact customer service but no address and I have emailed countless times with no reply. Are they even still in business?
    Would love to hear your reply or anyone else. Again thanks for your video it helped.

    • Their aliexpress stores chat was very supportive when I contacted them multiple times when waiting and building this.

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